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Meet Jennifer Weis:

Jennifer has had a wide variety of work experiences to this point. She has been in charge of several different day care centers and walking services for dogs in both California, Buffalo and, New York. While working in Buffalo, Jennifer developed a keen interest in dog training. She began obedience training several dogs in earnest, and was also introduced to the concept of remote training. At Mahogany Ridge, Jennifer started to truly thrive and come into her own while working alongside Theresa Richmond. For the next ten years, Jennifer worked hard at becoming a committed educator, trainer and business woman.

To broaden her experiences and to keep up to date on the latest information regarding dogs, Jennifer regularly participates in the Jack and Wendy Volhard training camps and conferences. In addition, she has participated in numerous seminars on dog nutrition and the ever evolving research on vaccinations. Jennifer has become passionate about providing the public with the most current information regarding high quality, organic nutrition and supplementation for dogs. Reading extensively is yet another way that Jennifer gathers information about what to do and what not to do with dogs.

Pursuing excellence with one's own canine companions can become a job in itself. Currently, Jennifer is competing in agility and has gained an Open title on Firefly (one of her Malinois). Firefly and Lucy (the lab), have passed the temperament test (TT) and Lucy has her Canine Good Citizen title. Taking part in training classes with a variety of instructors, as well as participating in matches and trials in both obedience and rally, end up rounding out Jen's busy schedule. All this being said, Jen's favorite thing to do is to just spend quality time with all of her dogs.

Presently, Jennifer provides the following educational and training offerings at Mahogany Ridge: agility, flyball and obedience classes as well as a variety of workshops regarding dog behavior, growth and development, dog body language, dog wellness and appropriate ways to socialize your dog. Jen's enthusiasm for teaching is catching and her group classes come alive with spirited demonstrations.

In addition to group classes, Jennifer provides private lessons. Whether you need to address a small or large issue, Jen will tackle it with a no-nonsense approach that quickly cuts to the heart of the matter. Dogs respond quickly to her gentle approach. Jen always balances her extensive knowledge of dog behavior with her highly intuitive voice. She is mindful of the distinct chemistry between each individual dog and handler (no cookie cutter approach offered here!). In addition to private sessions for dog and handler, Jen offers one-on-one progressive training (board and train option), to owners who prefer to leave the training to someone else.

If you haven't yet met Jennifer, please carve out some time to do so. You will find a genuinely empathic, funny and joyful person waiting to discuss your love of dogs with you. Her infectious laugh will make you feel immediately welcome, and she will help you to recognize amazing and astonishing things about your dogs.