All American Novice in a Standard run at an AKC trial


All American Novice in a Standard run at an AKC trial


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Our Day Care and Grooming Waiting Room

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Agility Champion: Firefly

Spring weather is with us and it has been lovely weather so far. The winter was mild and we have now officially made it through! (At least we hope.) Time to get outdoors and do spring things like clean up the yard and walk our dogs of course. I’m sure you’ve been walking them all winter, but hey, now we can really put our hearts into it. They all love the warmer weather spring brings and they can get out and romp and play. Spend some time outdoors with them in the yard, visit the parks, etc.

Daycare is in full swing with lots of fun things to do. The dogs come here all winter, but now they can spend most of the day outdoors. Some do so all throughout the winter, but with the help of a coat or sweater to fend off the chilly weather. Now, all coats are off and they can lay back on the deck and bask in the spring sunshine. What a perfect life! Playing, running, eating lunch and napping, then running and playing some more.

The pools will be out and all the dogs are challenging each other to see how fast they can go, how high they can jump, how hard they can tug – you name it. The main thing is the fun, and burning off that extra energy that spring always brings. In addition to that, there are new friends to meet – some young pups just getting out and learning about the world – and some experienced dogs to show them the way!

As we do every year around this time, Mahogany Ridge will be hosting the Out of the Pits Temperament Testing this Sunday, April 22nd. It runs from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Registration is already closed, but it is fun to watch each dog and their reactions to the test. It is formatted like a walk in the city – with things the dog would encounter. The dog is judged on its reaction and recovery time. They are scored by breed as well, so a Golden would not be expected to behave the same way a German Shepherd would. That’s what makes it really interesting – all of the variables in the test and the differences between the individual dogs. It’s free to come and watch, so join us if you have time.

May 12 brings a visit from our veterinarian chiropractor, Sue Ann Lesser. She has many years of chiropractic experience with animals, plus she shows her Dobermans in almost every conceivable venue, even Musical Freestyle Dancing and is quite successful! If your dog is getting ready to compete, especially in agility, you might want to get them in for a tune-up. Even just a day playing in the yard can get a body out of whack. All that running and playing can sometimes take its toll. Our older dogs can benefit from an adjustment as well. Her schedule fills quickly, so call for appointment to be sure to get in.

Classes are still in session. Call and find a spot for you and your friend – obedience: beginner, intermediate, advanced – you name it! Fun Games Class and Musical Freestyle will be offered – get your name on the list! Agility will be starting up soon – for newcomers just learning to play the game to experienced dog and handler teams preparing for a season of competitive fun.

Beasty Barber is busy getting everyone looking their best. And smelling beautifully too! A nice bath, some trimming, drying and brushing, trimming nails – just what our pups need for the upcoming season. Get ready for a stroll down Broadway! Lots to see and do. Stop in and shop in some of the dog-friendly stores and pick up a new toy or collar.

So whatever you love to do, pack up your bag, get your best friend and get out there and do it! They’re eager to join in any adventure, no matter what it might be. Just a ride around the block can make their day! That’s one of the best things about dogs – they are happy doing whatever you want to do! No wonder they’re our best friends.